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Wayne Stephens and his pet mini australian shepard puppy dog.

Growing up in a small town in Texas, Wayne was more likely to follow in his father's footsteps and become a firefighter or take over the family construction business than pursue his dreams of being an actor. However, after a few days on the job as a kid, instead of helping his dad, he spent most of the day saving worms from the hot sidewalk and creating characters from his dad's toolbox. Everyone quickly realized that this wouldn't be his future.


Many years later, while in the Fire Academy, Wayne was scouted by a talent agency in New York City. He took the leap and moved to the city to pursue his dreams of acting. Wayne quickly landed roles in several film, television series and theater. Frequently praised for his ability to find humor and vulnerability in the darkest and most complex characters.


In addition to acting, Wayne also found success in writing and producing, creating plays, web series, and award-winning films, including a documentary about his husband's inspiring journey in recovering from a life-altering accident.


Recently, Wayne has relocated to California but still regularly goes back to New York to visit and for work.

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 Former fireman from Texas. Bicoastal actor NYC/LA

Los Angeles 

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